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"’s my kind of fun, not surface level fun, it was engaged, deep, intellectual and empathetic fun!"

-L. Nivon

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Thanks for connecting!

Connection Cards   were created by Aaliyah Nurideen  to help develop meaningful connections through stimulating conversations.

Aaliyah is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in New Jersey, licensed certified social worker-clinical (LCSW-C) in Maryland and a board approved Supervisor in Maryland. Aaliyah is a community mental health therapist, advocate, writer, speaker, social and cultural analyst and creator of Connection Cards™. Through her professional experience -- working directly with children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with mental illness -- she finds impactful purpose in providing: interventions, strategies and techniques that support healing individuals to become the best versions of themselves. 

Aaliyah is dedicated to amplifying the voices of those who are marginalized and silenced by creating avenues for dialogue. Connection Cards   provides conversation prompts that serve as a great tool for established relationships or as an icebreaker for new relationships.

Enjoy Connecting!

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