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Countryside Road
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The Story of


ne day, I came across a random question that made me think "hmmmm, that would be interesting to ask someone" so I wrote it down on my phone. Over the course of a few years, I created a running list of conversation prompts inspired by that first question not knowing when, how or why I'd ever be in a situation to need 100+ questions, but just in case the opportunity presented itself, I had them ready. 

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In August of 2018, the time arrived! I was on a road trip back from Canada with my friends (whom I had grown close with in the past 2 years during our Rutgers Master's program) and we exhausted our music playlists and wanted to keep the energy going. Then I remembered that I had this ever growing list of questions and this would be a great time to use it! On our 8 hour car ride, one question spiraled into a train of conversations, insights and connection between the 4 of us that I was not anticipating. We were able to grow much closer and develop awareness through intentional conversation and I realized from that experience that the portal to true connection is conversation.

I was inspired to create my own tool for friends, families and partners using conversation as the vehicle for connection and thus, Connection Cards™ were born. It is my hope and intention that the dialogue sparked by Connection Cards™ allows you to experience authentic connection and understanding in your life and with your loved ones.



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